Metrology Solutions for Additive Manufacturing

Optimised for AM

Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing is a unique technique, creating unique structures.  Our systems are designed with knowledge of these processes and materials, delivering more performance at less cost.

Rapid, High Coverage

3D Printing can create challenging components for metrology systems.  Our advanced optical techniques  can inspect very complex shapes.  Free from the constraints of rigid triangulation sensors, we get more detail – faster.

Production Line

Our solutions are designed to be robust.  We optimise to cope with shock and vibrations, because we build systems for the factory.  We deliver practical user interfaces for the needs of real operators.

What We Do

Industrial Metrology for 3D Printing

We are developing the world’s most advanced optical metrology systems focused on industrial-grade additive manufacturing. We offer the same confidence that manufacturers have for CNC parts – for 3D Printing.

We supply systems, and we partner with major players in additive manufacturing – allowing them to support their 3D printers with industrial-grade metrology.

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