Metrology Solutions for Additive Manufacturing

Optimised for AM

Components made by additive manufacturing are typically complex shapes which are difficult to measure using conventional metrology techniques. Our optical systems are designed to measure the entire surface quickly and accurately, using innovative artificial intelligence (AI) software.

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In-Process, Post-Process

Our systems use 2 types of advanced optical technology to measure component properties for either in-process (eg layer flatness, defect count) or post-process (eg dimensional conformance, surface texture) applications. See below for more information on each of these techniques:

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Shopfloor Friendly

Taraz Metrology systems are designed for use in real manufacturing environments, not just a metrology lab. Solutions can be integrated with existing 3D printers and manufacturing cells, with innovative hardware and software engineering delivering accuracy, robustness and rapid cycle times.

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What We Do

Industrial Metrology for 3D Printing

We offer optical metrology solutions for additive manufacturing applications. Fast, accurate and production-ready, our systems offer manufacturers the same confidence for 3d printed parts as for traditional forming processes.

We supply systems to end users of additive manufacturing equipment, and we partner with major printer manufacturers – allowing them to optimise printer performance for their customers.

Company Background

Taraz Metrology is a technology company with its roots in the Manufacturing Metrology Team at University of Nottingham. Drawing on the Information-Rich Metrology (IRM) framework developed at Nottingham by Professor Richard Leach and his team, Taraz Metrology’s optical form and surface topography measurement systems are designed to meet the inspection challenges of the additive manufacturing sector with a range of in-process and post-process system solutions.


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