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We develop coordinate and surface measurement solutions for customers in the additive manufacturing sector

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Taraz Metrology is a technology company spun out from University of Nottingham in 2018. Our team’s combined research, engineering and commercial experience delivers unique product development capability for our customers.

Additive Manufacturing Measurement

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) technology frees designers from the constraints of traditional manufacturing methods to allow complex, high-performance parts to be made. These components can be difficult to measure using generic metrology systems – Taraz Metrology develops fast, accurate solutions to optimise your additive process.

In-Process, In-Printer

Polymer and metal 3D printers take stock material and convert it into complex shapes, layer by layer. Taraz technology allows each material and printed layer to be measured, ensuring quality at each stage of the process. We work with 3D printer manufacturers to integrate our systems into theirs, making a better printing solution for end users.


Completed parts can be scanned to check for de-powdering, defects and shape/surface conformance. Whether as part of your product design, process development or final inspection operations, Taraz Metrology can provide a turnkey metrology solution to check that your customers receive only the best quality components.